The Cookie Dough Craze

  When you’re making cookies, it is always tempting to grab one or more of the balls of cookie dough laid out on the tray. You know it’s bad for you, but if you’re anything like me you grab a few any way. Well, there is a new shop in New York City that has... Continue Reading →

Chainsmokers Concert: Memories Do Not Open Tour

  (Katie) Everyone experiences the same situation differently. I thought that two songs into the Chainsmokers concert. I was in awe and amazed by the performance that I was watching. I knew that Annie and Maria felt the same way as me when I turned to my right. I saw it on their faces. But... Continue Reading →

Nashville/Asheville Road Trip

Trip to Nashville and Asheville with the crew (it was 3 of us – Katie, Maria and Annie). Katie’s graduation trip. Nashville was the place Katie wanted to see for a long time, and since we love road trips we were down to make it to Tennessee.  We came up with the idea of doing... Continue Reading →

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