Three Days In The Czech Republic

We were leaving Munich and heading to Prague. There is no direct train from Munich and when my mom called the train station about tickets they told her that it would be cheaper and easier to get a driver to drive us. So, that is what we did. We had the same driver that was our guide for Ludwig’s Castles. Because he was not just a driver my family and I got to stop on the way, in a town called Regensburg, in Germany. This town is from the middle ages and was untouched during world war two. It was really interesting to see this old town, because it was untouched, one could imagine exactly how life was in that time. We walked around the winding streets, looking at the old architecture. Then for lunch we ate some of the best sausages I have ever had. The place was the oldest restaurant in the town and had been serving these sausage sandwiches since that time.

After we were done touring Regensburg, we got back in the car and continued the three hours to Prague. It was a very pleasant drive. I was very excited because my dad would be joining us for this part of the trip and we would be meeting at the hotel. When we got to the hotel, we said goodbye to Kevin (driver and Guide), and my dad saw us and came outside to greet us. He was very tired from the flight but still wanted to do some touring. We got a restaurant recommendation from the hotel for authentic Czech food. The restaurant was just around the corner and was very good. After dinner, we walked around the old town square. This square was beautiful. Every building was a different color and alluring. But that was all we had time for on our first night because it was getting late and we needed to go to bed to get ready for the next day.

The next day we got up and headed down for breakfast. For this part of the trip my family and I were joining a tour group called Adventures by Disney (ABD). In the lobby were our two tour guides checking in another family. We went over to do the same. They were already wonderful from the start. Disney does a great job recruiting people for their company. They gave us a map and some suggestions for the day, before our dinner with them tonight. However, I had only one thing planned in my head and that was seeing the dancing house, so that is what we did. The dancing house was over a 30-minute walk from our hotel but we were going to walk it anyway. On the way to the dancing house we stopped at the communist museum. This museum was very hard to find. It does not have its own building or even any signs. It is on the second floor above a McDonald’s. Nothing was happy about this place. The women who sold us our tickets looked like she hated the fact that people were even showing up. Also, there was not very much there. Some old statues and paraphernalia. Despite the way, the museum looked it was still interesting to learn about communism and what it was like for the people under it.

From the communist museum, we walked to the dancing house. We got to see so much of the city that afternoon it was incredible. Then we turned the corner and all the way down the street was the dancing house. I pretty much ran the last 10 minute leg of the trip to it. I could not believe that I was actually seeing it in person. I never thought that would happen but there it was. I took so many pictures at every angle. When you look at this magnificent building it looks like two people dancing together. After I was done intently staring at this building it was time to walk the 30 minutes back to the hotel. We stopped in a café, which made us feel like we had gone back in time to the 50’s. When we were done with lunch we went back to the hotel and collapsed until it was time to get ready to meet the rest of our tour group.

We met our group and were escorted to dinner. We ate at a place with local Czech food, however the food last night was much better than this place’s but the atmosphere was great. We talked and got to know our group members and there was live music and dancing. The dancing was great and all until they started picking people from the group. Unfortunately, I got picked. As soon as the guy let go of my hands I ran back to my seat. After dinner, my brother and I decided to walk back to the hotel, because we hadn’t walked enough already, then fell right a sleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

Our third day in Prague started with our group going on a walking tour. The first destination on the list was Prague castle. Prague castle sits on a hill overlooking the city, as if it is trying to keep an eye on it. The castle is a huge fortress, with a stunning church in the middle. This is a must see if you visit Prague. After the tour of the castle, we walked down to Charles bridge. The bridge is historic and beautiful however it is very hard to get a good look at it because of the millions of tourists walking on it. Also, be careful of your belongings because there are a lot of pick pockets that will go unnoticed with all the people. Once we were off the bridge we walked to the old square to see the Astronomical Clock which was installed in 1410 and is still working. After the walking tour, we had some “free time” to eat and rest before dinner with the group.

During this time, I got the chance to try a local Czech pastry called a tredelnik. They sell this pastry all over the city. Our guides had given us their recommendation of the best tredelnik place so, that is where we went. It was in a little food cart down the street from our hotel. After, trying this pastry I was very glad that they did not have this in the states because it would be the only thing I would eat. It was delicious. It was baked dough with sugar on top. There are different types of tredelniks but I got the plainest one. You could fill it with Nutella or ice-cream, which pretty much everyone else did.

The dinner that night was at a French restaurant and the food was pretty good. Once dinner was done I was ready to go out and see Prague’s night life. My brother on the other hand was not and went to bed at 8:30. Luckily for me there was a newlywed couple that invited me to get drinks with them. They had met someone in Iceland that had recently been to Prague and told them about a trendy place to get cocktails. The bar was called Black Angels. It was located underneath a hotel and it felt like you were walking into a cave. We sat down and asked for a menu. The waiter brought us what looked like a leather notebook and told us this was the menu. When we opened it, it was not your typical menu. Each drink had a paragraph story and never fully explained what was in the drink. We each got three different drinks and they were not chosen because of the ingredients but because of their names or the glass it came in. When we could not decide on another drink, we left. We were thinking of trying to find another place but it had closed so we called it a night.

The next day was our last day in Prague and the Czech Republic. Later in the day we would arrive in Berchtesgaden, Germany, but before that we would have one last stop in the Czech Republic, in a place called Cesky Krumlov. This city was another medieval city that was not touched during the war. When we arrived, we met our local guide for our walking tour. We walked all around this little city and watched the people struggling in the river as they tried to navigate the current in their rafts. I bought a moldavite ring, which is a stone that comes from an asteroid which had fallen close to this city. After our tour and lunch, it was time to leave and head to Germany.


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