Chainsmokers Concert: Memories Do Not Open Tour



Everyone experiences the same situation differently. I thought that two songs into the Chainsmokers concert. I was in awe and amazed by the performance that I was watching. I knew that Annie and Maria felt the same way as me when I turned to my right. I saw it on their faces. But that was when it occurred to me that we were having different internal experiences and how wonderful that was, that every single person who filled that stadium was having a different experience. My experience was fantastic! I felt that the concert was like one big part. I could feel the bass from the music in my chest pulling me forward into the music. If I could go back and see them again I would. However, there was a lot that led up to that moment of awe and realization.

(Annie & Katie)

One of the most anticipated days of 2017, May 24th in Raleigh, NC. The Chainsmokers. Yes, the ‘’Selfie’’ guys, ‘’Memories… Do Not Open’’ Tour. We got our tickets super early, in February. But it’s never too early to get excited. Time flew by, and May was already there. Tennis season kept us busy, and other events took our time. Also, when they released their album ‘’Memories… Do Not Open’’, we knew we did the right thing by buying the concert tickets. We love the album, each and every song. It might sound a little obsessed and ‘’teenaged,’’ but it is that good.

Okay, so May 24th, it’s a little over an hour drive to Raleigh and PNC Arena, we left Gvegas (Greenville, NC) around 3:30pm, and got there at 5pm. Perfect time to have dinner before the concert. We ate our meal at Ale Carolina House. Aaand of course, this had to be a day of thunderstorms and tornado warnings, but no worries, we were all safe and got to the concert on time… actually a little early, but at least we didn’t have to wait in line for a long time.

The concert start time was at 7pm. The first performer to come on the stage was Gryffin. He was really good, and his remixes are surely one of the best. He had so much energy, he was getting the audience pumped up. He was running all over the stage, playing different instruments and dancing. He had more energy than the whole crowd combined. It was so much fun to watch, he really knew how to put on a show. Although we weren’t entirely sure of who he was at the beginning, we recognized him soon after. His performance took about 45 mins. Next up was Kiiara, and let’s just say we weren’t fans of her, she did not know how to put on a show to save her life. It looked as if she was a spoiled teenager who did not really want to be up there but was forced to and thankfully she was only on stage for 30 minutes. Her horrific performance actually made us even more excited for the chainsmokers to come on stage.

2 hours later (9pm), there they were, The Chainsmokers, well Drew. He was walking on the stage looking at his phone and his “texts” were being projected. It gave the audience a laugh and a bit of excitement. The first song they started off with was ‘’The One.” Can we just mention that we fell in love from the very first moment?! They performed every song from the album, plus their previously released songs (‘’Roses’’ and ‘’Closer’’…). Their performance was enjoyable and well-thought out.  We loved how they interacted with public. Both, Alex and Drew, seemed truly passionate about what they were doing. They played off of each other’s comments and energy. This got the audience more involved and more pumped up.

Another cool thing about this band is how they added the pianist from Canada and the drummer from Australia to their team. They found their pianist on Youtube. He was covering their songs and they thought he was amazing and he was, so they asked him to be part of their band. Oh, and Emily Warren, her voice, Aaamazing. The concert was so perfect and fun. The stage was made with great minimalism but they made it look grand. They had screens that projected videos and images that went along with their songs, which drew the crowd in even more. The band used fire, fog machines and lights to help make the simple stage design have a wow factor. It’s impressive how Drew jumped through the concert, he literally jumped through it. The jumps were extremely impressive. He would jump off the DJ station, off of the drum set and any where he could find. We danced and sang through every song, and the greatest part is that no one cares how bad your voice is, until you show your friends the videos you took at the concert and you hear yourself singing in the background.

And why do all the fun things end up so quickly? The last song The Chainsmokers played was ‘’Last Day Alive,’’ after they came back from their fake ‘’goodbyes’’ for an encore.  Of course, we knew they were going to come back, so we never left our places, while other people didn’t think it through. Our phone flashlights were out for the song, making the crowd look like a sea of stars.. Y’all know the moment, when you catch a heartbeat and everything slows down, and you truly enjoy the moment, that feeling was felt during that last song. Then the song ended, and as the lights were turned on, we were turned back to reality but, with good memories. You can just imagine, who we listened to on the way back. Yes, you’re right, The Chainsmokers. And it’s been couple of weeks since their performance, but we haven’t had a day where we haven’t listened to their songs… or the whole album. Although you might think we’re a little obsessed, we really found their concert inspiring, seeing two people so passionate about something they do, and making their dreams come true. A way to happiness. We can’t wait see and hear what’s up next for them, but for now our hearts are fulfilled and great memories are made.

Katie & Annie


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